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Premium Quality Leads 

One of the biggest headaches of businesses that rely on new leads in order to sell their products or services is consistency.  


The biggest reason why businesses lack consistency is because they don't have a lead generation machine in place that is fuelled by advertising. Word of mouth and networking has a ceiling that limits your growth. 


The only way you're going to achieve consistency with new customer acquisition is to use advertising and to turn that advertising into profit. 


We deliver you high quality leads so you can focus on what you do best, closing deals and delivering your product or service.  


Let us fill your pipeline with qualified leads! 

Website Design, Landing Page Design, CRM Integration  

We don't just create good-looking websites. Our main focus is to build a website that gives your business the functionality it needs, whilst also optimising for the highest conversion rate possible.  


In some cases, businesses who approach us about their online advertising need a new website built or optimisation work done to their existing website.    


We're also able to integrate website data into your CRM system and create follow-up email marketing campaigns, giving you a full digital marketing solution.  

Training & Coaching   

Do you want to learn digital marketing skills like Facebook Advertising or do you want to train your team? 


Alex has a number of solutions that involve 1-1 coaching, workshops and online training. 

Ecommerce & Retail 

Driving high-quality traffic that converts to your Ecommerce store is what we do best. 


If you only sell online, we focus and optimise the perfect strategy for scaling online.  


If you sell offline and online, we balance the campaigns to rapidly increase in-store traffic whilst growing online sales. All of our campaigns online and offline are direct response to make sure we can track everything and scale up our campaigns. 


We've done this for national retailers with over 90 store locations, Cycle Store chains and Ecommerce websites that have generated 5, 6 , and 7 figures monthly. 


Let us achieve your Ecommerce and Retail goals!

Video Production & Photography  

The one thing that's going to make you stand out from the competition is high-quality video and photography. Our campaigns that have generated the highest return on investment have been fueled by video ads produced following my video ad success formula. 


We're able to write, script and produce video campaigns for you following our video ad success formula. 


We also specialise in headshot photography and you can find our dedicated website here: Essex Headshot Photographer



We Run Profitable Campaigns And That's Why We Are Partners 

An exclusive Club For The Top Advertisers On The Platform Based On Success


You can't do a course to become a Facebook Marketing Partner; you have to be invited by Facebook. 


This means we have access to the Facebook team and get all the latest updates, training, and beta access to their secret changes giving our clients the competitive edge.  


We are also Google Partners with years of Google Ad experience. 

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